How to collect a sample (HbA1c)

Step 1: Write your name and the collection date on the card. Select ring or pinkie fingertip and clean the desired puncture site using the alcohol prep pad.

Step 2: Twist to remove the cover off the end of the lancet.

Step 3: When ready, place finger on a flat surface and place lancet against fingertip. Push down on the lancet until it clicks. The lancet will only puncture once.

Step 4:  Allow blood to drip onto the collection square. DO NOT add blood to right side of the card. Continue dropping blood until it spreads all the way to the line. This may take 4+ drops.

Good Collection:

Collection Tips:

  • Squeeze base of finger to make large drops.
  • Let each drop lightly soak in before applying the next.
  • Complete entire collection process in one sitting. 
  • Do not use heat to assist drying.


Put your sample inside the Blood Sample Return Bag and place it back into the box. Finally, send the box back in the return envelope using the shipping label located at the bottom of the box. Send back your sample using the shipping carrier listed on your return label.